25+ Tips and Tricks for the iPhone 7

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In this video we will go over 25+ tips and tricks for the iPhone 7. iPhone 7 is amazing phone and you should learn as much as you can about it, so as to enhance your use of your iPhone.

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  1. Cool tip for your iphones to make it fly
    1st turn on airplane mode
    2nd throw it from a building or somewhere high
    3rd Try to open your iphone 🙂
    Like if ot helped you

  2. Only paid 110 for my 7 because I was eligible for a upgrade from my LG and then I bought a self charging case I manage to stay on 80% or more all day

  3. You have the coolest tricks. Thanks !
    The one that lets you just rest your finger on the button made my day! I swear it was driving me crazy because about 50% of the time I would get Siri instead of the home screen.

  4. i tried that thing where you can make the home button feel different vibrations…didn't work at all. all three feel like nothing to me. not sure what i'm doing wrong???