25+ Tips and Tricks for the iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus

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In this video, I will share over 25 tips and tricks for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. These tips and tricks will enhance the ownership of your iPhone 8. Let’s dive in and enjoy.

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    For example I see you have 45+ thousand emails and this is typical…!

  2. Thank, for your wideo, it's very usefull for anybody who have or will have an iPhone. But for future, you could speak a bit faster, because even interesting wideo become boring thanks to that.

  3. I loved the video and I'm glad you made the video because i just got an Iphone 8 plus today and your video helped a lot, but I suggest that you go back to the part of the video (22:51) where your exact location is. I don't know if you are fine with people knowing this information (Sakitech) then it is fine, but i do suggest to look into this. Thank you ILY!!!

    Also, can more people tell Sakitech that his information is in this video just in case he doesn't read this one, I'm just trying to look out for him!