3 Amazing latest Android 9 ROMS for Samsung S5 G900F and Family – Install Review and Download 2019

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Finally – 3 Amazing latest Android 9 ROMS for Samsung S5 G900F and other models – Install Review and Download 2019

In this video i,m very happy to bring you 3 Great ROMS for the Samsung Galaxy S5in my case the G900F but also the other models of the S5 have ROMS available..great ain’t it ?


So the first ROM is by King of the Custom ROMS Lineage OS , and it was released yesterday ..
This is a LITE ROM , meaning no Google Apps but pure dignity and stability
and with the included privacy guard and weekly development you will be great off


This ROM is by the AEX Team and developer Bruno wp already surprised us
in December with a beautiful build of the Android 9 ROM for the S5 and other models and again a amazing ROM created 3 weeks ago , stable as a Rock snappy as a Kangaroo and beautiful as Miss Europe ..really nice and beautiful ROM with the compliments of AOSP EXTENDED .

For other s5 models check


Another great build of the Resurrection TEAM and this ROM was by my Hero
Vincent Jenkins , released in January of this year and a New build should be on it’s way , this man is really busy trust me ..
About the ROM , it’s stable as a ROCK just like the other ROMS , Snappy
lovely and yeas of course Sim and Camera works for all of these Roms and so also Resurrection.

Download G900F here

Thanks to You all that worked on the background including the JDC TEAM
that will come up in my next video that will show you ANDROID 9 for your still beloved Samsung S4 .i9505 and other models .

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Extra Credits for

-JDC Team
-Nitrogen Project
-Pure Nexus
-GZR Community
-Lakor Tools for Via Browser
-Hemanth S Tobi for Retro Music Player
-@AlienCreature7, @Wizper99, @Allstargaurav, @Edozullo and @harsh sharma (For designing the ROM Logo, Fling etc)

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Video by Channel48
With Puck Darlington (c)2019


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  1. I installed the RR Pie 9 and it's really great but i guess some futures is missed like camera shooting mode that's the first thing i notice.

  2. How i can show u my oppen_gapps_log files? i think the reason why i dont have gallery, video and downloads is the gapps package i have choose it was the ARM-9.0-stock. it said in the log files that gallery have been remove and not reinstall. So now im gonna try the ARM-9.0-Full if u think its better but my question is when i wipe system, data and cache do u think i should check internal device too for make a clean new install or i will delete important stuff needed for new installation? My lineage16 new installation files and gapps are on my sd card. My phone is Galaxy S5 G900W8 (Canadian Model)