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What’s it like using the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra? I switched to the Note 20 Ultra 3 days ago, and I want to share my real world impressions using Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone! Full Review Coming Soon! Amazon US: l UK: (Paid Links)

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  1. Hey Chaps! Are you tempted to buy the Note 20 Ultra? 🤔

    (also apologies I can't share more concrete info like photos and side by side tests – but I'll share everything in my full review) 👍

  2. I saw many videos and comments on Note 20 Ultra. Can someone tell me some good things about Exynos instead of Snapdragon. Exist some point that Exynos win? Please y will buy the phone but is kind of sadly some phones are better in other countries.

  3. Anyone got this and having battery life issues? I'm getting 2-3 hours screen time if that. Just browsing Facebook and instagram. First samsung ever and I'm not happy

  4. Can't do such bad battery life for that price. Storage is too low as well. Processor throttles and overheats far too much for me.
    It's 20 percent slower than Snapdragon and that's proven with all the tests.
    You'll only get 5 hours screen time max.
    I'll stick with my 512gb storage and 8 hours screen time with quad hd 120htz refresh rate.

  5. The reason EU version isn't as good on photo like the US version is because they went and scammed us there as well in US u get the Sony lens and EU has Samsungs own lens

  6. I've been using phones of about that size since the Xperia Z Ultra in 2013(smaller screen but larger body). Pro tip for using large phones one-handed: Get a case with lanyard holes in the side you hold it with (or drill if necessary)(the Xperia Z Ultra had them built in, but Ringke seems to make cases for them), stick a small lanyard loop through it onto a split key ring.
    Then you can stick your pinky through the key ring whenever you grab it. You end up holding it less carefully because you're not going to drop it, so you don't wrap your fingers all the way around, just lay them flat on the back, and you get an inch or so more reach. Bonus: If you're in a high place taking photos, you don't have to worry about dropping it.
    I know they have stickers or cases with something similar on the back to grab, but I find them too inflexible in moving around, whereas with the key ring on a string, you can slide around the phone as needed and it doesn't add a bump(maybe that's a good thing in this case though given the camera bump…)