3 Reasons Not to Buy LG V30+ and LG V30

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3 Reasons Not to Buy LG V30+ and LG V30

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  1. I just bought the LG V30 and the display issues aren't even noticeable, and you are meant to use the camera in manual mode if you want to get better pictures

  2. this video sitting at 74/200 whereas his "reasons to buy lg v30" sit at around 100/10. bots, I see bots. He's right about the blue tint issue and NO ONE ELSE mentioned it in any reviews.

  3. haha…. Just bought LG v30 and people says its mostly under rated! haha. You deserve dislike. Nah just kidding, Poor review but you dont deserve dislike.

  4. By picking up a stupid theme for your video, you earned tones of dislikes. Just see the price of the camera and the features that it provides along, you should be stupid to say that this phone is not worth buying.

  5. Seriously? that camera review. You sir just threw in verdict without any testing or any basis at all. Well this is your opinion, but i completely disagree on everything that you pointed out.