30+ Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Tips and Tricks

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In this video lets see more than 30 samsung galaxy j7 2016 tips and tricks
1. How to quickly launch camera application.
2. How to enable single handed or one handed mode.
3. How to move multiple applications from one home screen to another
4. Lock screen and its customizations.
5. Home screen and its cutomizations.
6. How to add color to folders.
7. Notification tray and its customizations.
8. What is SOS msgs
9. Assistant menu.
10. Ultra data saving mode.
11. Ultra power saving mode.
12. USB OTG support.
13. How to enable Swipe to type.
14. Smart manager.
15. Smart alert and easy mute.
16. how to enable multi window.
and more.

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  1. My samsung galaxy j7 is having some serious display problem..its screen starts flickering on low brightness.
    Someone please give me the solution for this