4 New Features in Procreate 4 for iPad Pro! (iOS 11)

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We’re taking a look at 4 of the new features in my digital art app of choice! We’ll return to our regular style of videos tomorrow!

(I realized upon making this it had the appearance of an ad or sponsorship, in actuality I’m just a huge Procreate nerd)

Screen Protector that makes the iPad feel a little like paper:


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  1. I LOVE procreate. I mostly use it for sketching or starting drawings but that masking feature is certainly going to get me to use it a lot more. Also, the timelapse feature is useful for making graphics too.

  2. I am using Medibang as my current digital sketchbook. It is a pretty good art app, even though it’s free. Though I am considering buying Procreate very soon.

  3. Apps like Procreate, perfectly optimized for the tablet experience, are what makes iPad the only real and useful tablet. A super portable tablet with optimized software and awesome apps built for it from the ground up. No other device offers that!

  4. I just downloaded and like these improvements. Still I haven’t adjusted comfortably to the feel of the glass, any
    screen cover recommendations?

  5. its so weird, i'm used to paying upwards of 200 dollars for pc drawing applications. this cost like 5 dollars. i feel like im robbing THEM. and things are only improving i'm sure now that apple is undoubtedley gonna notice how much of a market and future its art demographic might have at this rate, they'd improve on the pencil (there are already rumors of an apple pencil 2) and other artistically accomodating parts of the ipad.

    btw having zero screen paralax (not having to deal with the whole feeling of having a pane of glass seperating the tip of your pen and where you pigment actually shows up) is a huuuuuge plus.

    by these apps now while theyre cheap i totally wont believe it if they keep these low prices while they keep nudging this towards a program that can definietly rival its pc counterparts.

  6. Hi, thanks for the review. Can you make a lesson on how to mix colors? Smooth transition between two colors, for example from blue to yellow. Is there a traditional blend of colors, blue + yellow = green, like in real painting?

  7. I hope they include a crop feature, clipping masks, and gradient maps in the future. There are work arounds in Procreate, but I use these features very often in other programs.