40 Low Light Photos: Galaxy S10 Plus VS iPhone XS Max (Winner is?)

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Here is 40 side by side camera photos in low light on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus versus Apple iPhone XS Max. Note that i did not use super bright night mode on the S10 Plus, it was taken in regular mode. Overall I personally say the Galaxy S10 Plus won but what do you think?

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  1. Can you do a selfie video comparison S10+ v P30, including audio mic or better still with external mic as can't find anywhere with rode wirless go on Huawei a P30 or 20

  2. S10 has a somewhat better rear cam, but the image smoothing is so muddy on the selfie cam, even without the beauty filter… iPhone definitely has the better selfies imo

  3. Well my opinion and who am I to judge I would like to Galaxy 10 I really like that I love to have a phone like that but I'm a poor boy in can't afford it and I wish and wish but that's my opinion Galaxy S10 I like it take care my friend and I'll see you at your next video USA