40+ Siri Hidden Features in iOS 10

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Here are 40+ Siri Hidden Features that will help you do more with your iPhone or iPad and Siri on iOS 8, iOS 9 and iOS 10. More –


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  1. So…a lot of  the functions only work on the English Siri…hate this sh*t…tried it in German nothing works. Everything she says is: (translated) "Here are the results of you web search"

  2. This is the most informative siri video I've seen yet. Exactly what I was looking for when I searched for "siri tricks". Love that I can make reservations through siri now. Big thumbs up on this video!

  3. i wish we can choose a different kind of siri personality like: formal siri, naughty siri, rude siri, funny siri etc
    so we can choose the one that match to our personal character
    that would be fun to get a different answer for the same question 🙂

  4. +gottabemobile you must live in Connecticut… Clue "Common Ground Coffe Shop"BTW, I cannot get Siri to pronounce a last name correctly.. Only first names. Is that normal