4K 60FPS Note 9 vs iPhone XS RAW (note 9 sample)

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In this video I give your the 4k 60fps video sample from the Galaxy Note 9 Raw.
compare it to the iPhone xs Video linked below and tell me which you think had the overall better video.

iPhone XS


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  1. In my opinion the iPhone has better stability.
    But the galaxy kills the iPhone in color, light, and audio. Samsung come on now fix the overheat and the stabilization!!

  2. The Note looks way better!!! But, from experience with my own phones, the Note camera overheats a little, and needs some stability help, while the iPhone was cool to the touch and stable. iPhone just needs a better camera, overall.

  3. I have recorded ~35min now back-to-back (7x5min) with my Note 9 at 4k 60fps 16:9 9.1MP and no overheating warnings. I can tell the phone gets warm a little but that's about it.