4K Video Test Samsung Galaxy Note 3!

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How does the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Handle Ultra High Definition Video at 4K (3840 x 2160) Screen Resolution

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UHD Video Test sm-n7000, sm-n7002, sm-n7005
ultra high definition video test sm-n7000, sm-n7002, sm-n7005
4k resolution video recording test sm-n7000, sm-n7002, sm-n7005


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  1. Not sure if you had the note2 previous but can't make up my mind if I should upgrade or not. Many reviews saying the camera is worse than s4 and not any better than note 2, but your video upload looks great. Thanks

  2. you're looking at 4k youtube video right now on your tiny monitor720p i guess- this whole uploading thing is useless because people can't see a damn difference.

  3. Beautiful.

    I am looking forward to low cost 4K resolution video cards to install into my computer, and for 4K tvs to come down a little bit more in price. I will like to see 4K videos on a 4K screen!!