5 Amazing Android Games You Can Play Offline

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Google Play might be one of the largest gaming platforms today, but most games on it suffer from one major drawback — you need a persistent Internet connection to play them. For popular titles like Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run, you will need to be connected via cellular plan or on Wi-Fi to experience them.

There are many reasons for this – some games are downloading data from the Internet, while others have leagues and use the online connection to make sure no one is cheating. But it can be really annoying, it wastes data, and also, if you’re on the move or on a plane, you can’t play your favourite game. However, not all games need you to be online to play, so we decided to come up with a list.

In this list, you’ll find everything you want. Some games deliver hours of gameplay, while others are great for a quick, stackable fix before moving on to other tasks. Plus, an online component, if any, isn’t crucial to the experience either (as in the case with Minecraft and Alto’s Adventure), allowing you to sync your progress when you do want to claim any such benefits. Here are five of the best games for Android that you can play without an Internet connection.

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  1. this list began well and ended up bad. I have played them all and had come to watch this video for a new game but you did not help. I myself can give a better list than this

  2. Minecraft Pocket Edition ( MCPE )… I'm playing it, and it is the one of my favorite games, it is a nice game… you should test it guys =)