5 Best Controller Supported Android Games

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5 perfect games to play with a controller on Android! I am using the NVIDIA SHIELD TABLET

ipega review:

Camera used: iPhone 6 Plus

1. Soulcalibur
2. Dead Trigger 2
3. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
4. GT Racing 2
5. Gunslugs (forgot to put in video)


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  1. You can use a ps4 control for bluetooth
    just hold share and the ps button the same time
    it'll blink rapid now
    go to bluetooth settings and you'll see a control name
    press it and pair it
    and boom
    ps4 control for devices.

  2. in the beginning you said "the top ten GAMES for controlers" the tittle says "top ten CONTROLERS supporting android" spot the difference eh

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