5 cool things to do with Samsung Galaxy J7 2016!

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Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 is running Android Marshmallow out of the box! It has a lot of features. In this video I walk you through the 5 cool things that you can do with it!

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  1. A great tutorial. I would give it a thumbs up but didn't see a thumps up to click on. I was not aware of the image manipulation program . I use Gimp on my desktop and this is much simpler. I especially like the rotation which most simple image editors (like Windows Paint and like Irfanview can only do 90 degree rotations. I have not tried what you showed me yet. But I am going to watch your video again to see how to get to this feature. I am a slow learner so once is not enough.

  2. Is this phone the same in size as the J7 Prime? I ask because I want to buy a phone case for the J7 prime but the site I'm using only has cases for the J7 2016