5 Hidden Tricks in iOS 11

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1. The first hidden feature is not really a hidden feature but its something that I’ve noticed that a lot of people dont know. that is the fact that you can force touch the toggle in the new control center to get more options as well as some options like night shift.

2. You can now scan qr codes straight from the camera app. this is a minor thing but its nice not having to download any apps just to scan a qr code.

3. Extended controls in screenshots. you can now annotate screenshots directly after taking them and then choose to copy them and delete them. This is honestly very welcome as i used to dread having to go back and delete screenshots of things that i only needed once.

4. you can now move multiple items at the same time when rearranging icons on the homescreen. this nifty little trick helps save time when youre trying to set up a homescreen a certain way,

5. Last but not least is screen recording which is now natively available in the control center extended commands. Not only that but when you screen record a quick way of ending the screen record without having to go into the setting to stop it is to click your lock button.
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  1. I made a video about you could actually hold press the screen recorder for micraphone audio cause i was just being curious sooo check out my vid its called you could actually do this in ios 11 subscribe to my channel and thanks oh and i will sub back to you