5 Must Have Apps For Samsung Galaxy S8 – May 2017

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These are the top 5 MUST popular have apps for the Samsung Galaxy S8.
I have gone through and picked the best apps to download and install on your new android phone.
These apps are also available for iOS, so the iphone 7 and ipad and Windows and Mac
What are you waiting for ? These should be on your phone.

1.AZ Screen Recorder – Records your android or iOs screen.

2.Cam Scanner – wanted to scan your documents without yout scanner in high quality? Well this app uses your phones camera to scan your documents.

3.Google Opinon Rewards –
Shot surverys for credit to be used in the Google Opinon Rewards to download paid apps for free. (ANDROID ONLY)
4.Google fit – Favourite best go to fitness tracker thats good for battery life as well.

5.Sto Card – Virtual cards on your phone instead of your wallet.


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