5 Reasons Android Is Better Than iPhone

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Android and iOS both have their benefits, but what makes Androids OS better than iOS? Here are my thoughts on some great features that don’t exist in iOS.
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  1. I am gonna change to android in 30th october 2017 and i have had iphone 5s for 4 years or so and ive seen android videos and android has ALOT more freedom than iphone in ios you cant put the apps in the order you want only in line and in android u can change it in android there is emulators files to download apks lucky patcher amazing screen cool design and much more iphone has nothing i said above exept for emulators but in android there is much more and the files in android you can download anything no computer needed ios only jailbreak android family here i come!!!

  2. Unfortunately, more flagship android phones no longer have a removable battery, and some are even getting rid of the micro sd card slot. So, one of the bigger appeals that people liked in the past is phasing out.

  3. The reason why newer phones are becoming locked down (in which you cant change the battery etc)is off course for business purposes, once your battery dies and you cant really change it, it encourages its buyers to buy a new phone, where as if the battery is removable you can just quickly replace it for a couple of bucks making it more reliable and longer lasting, not having to replace the whole unit.

  4. I had an Android for several years and I just switched to an iPhone and wow! The iPhone blows it out of the water!wow iPhone I’m sorry I didn’t turn to the dark side sooner!

  5. Why are people talking about how the iPhone has a better design. It honestly looks like a fucking brick. The s8 has a beautiful curved display. I guess they're just peasants trying to shield themselves from buyer's remorse.