5 Secret iPhone Tricks That Nobody Knows

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Secret Snapchat Hacks You NEED To Know 2016:
Reacting to my sisters cringey musical.lys:
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•If you’re watching this in November+ of 2016, then a lot of these tricks have been outdated by now, so just bare with the video & i hope you don’t know some still 🙂
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This video shows you:
How to take rapid/multiple selfies at once.
How to change your keyboard.
How to search for settings.
How to undo text by shaking your iPhone.
How to create vibration patterns for different notifications.
How to invert your iPhone.
Keyboard Shortcuts.
5 Secret iPhone Tricks That Nobody Knows.
5 Secret iPhone Tricks That Nobody Knows (2016)
iPhone 5s tricks.
iPhone 6s tricks.
iPhone SE tricks.
This also works on any iOS device that has the newest software updates of course:))
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