5 things I HATE about the Samsung Galaxy S8

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a great phone, but it’s not without its weaknesses. Alex sums up his top five pet hates about the best new Android phone.

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  1. S8 have both Google asistan and bixby. Google asistan can found lot of information and bixby done lot of things about smartphone and I have one question, why is bad? ??? Bro

  2. I'm pretty disappointed with Samsung. Here are my greavances.

    1) Opening your phone is Inconsistent. Biometry can suck in different ways to different people. My wife can't use fingerprint sensors at all. You never know how you are going to unlock it. Sometimes I keep staring at it like if I'm going to take a selfie with a strange look and remove my glasses. Then I give up, and go to the fingerprint sensor, finally I type my pin. Better always use my pin number.

    2) Sound can sometimes be low. Even playing around with the equilizer or using a JBL flip isn't enough. Specially on videos form Trevor Noah and Colbert. While other stuff is fine, like Spotify. Sometimes I have to pick my J7 Metal (work) and watch the videos there. I can hear well on J7 even it has the speaker on the back and my hand covering it. I don't understand that.

    3) Samsung keyboard sucks. I use Gboard.

    4) Edges reflect the light behind you, right into your eyes.

    5) Some apps get lost with the extra screen space. The problem is getting better, but some don't scale well, others overlap the screen buttons, etc.

    6) Stuttering and crashes are more frequent than I would expect. Sometimes it gets unresponsive and I have to reboot.

    7) Bixby sucks.

    8) SmartSwitch lost some data, while migrating. I expected to Samsung to be good at that, but it was a mess.

    9) Brightness changes are too quick, your eyes have to adjust. I have disabled it.

    10) Notifications vibrations keep happening all the time, even I have no new notifications. I called Samsung support and after reseting and restoring, they suggested to turn the notifications vibrations down. Really?

    11) For some reason I can't buy extra Cloud space in my country. Why?

    12) 64 Gb as basic storage is too little. And I wish I could use an extra SIM card, but I had to put an SD. And you can't join the main memory with the SD (even if you have a class 10 chip) as you can do in vanilla Android. So I have to keep juggling apps since you can't move all apps. I guess there's a 256, version that isn't available in my country.

    13) When using GPS navigation with a windshield mount, in a summer day even with air conditioning at a full blast it overheats stop charging and turns off as I'm trying to get to my destination. That never happened with my previous phones and I had to buy a air grid mount that end up breaking the air exhaust on my car due the weight I use my J7 Metal (work phone) to navigate.

    This is enough.

  3. My list:

    1) Useful features that are hidden (looking at you mobile data switch)
    2) Bixby – just plain bad.
    3) Updates even when I turn automatic updates off
    5) Many apps don't appear in the Google Launcher app drawer
    6) Facebook updater cannot be uninstalled – it's like they're just blatantly tell you what you can and can't do with your phone now.

    Power User Complaints:

    1) No IR Blaster – My personal preference, but I found these to be very useful, though I know many companies aren't doing this now sigh

    2) Unable to root – yes, root is still worth it just to be able to remove half the crap on this stupid Samsung Android version (I guess there is a way but I have the Active and there still doesn't appear to be a guide that makes sense)

    All-in-all I only bought this because it was the best financed option available to me offered through ATT. I can't afford to pay for a new phone outright and wanted new after having an old phone for years now. Samsung is become more Shang Tsun every year.

  4. Wow he missed the one major issue with this phone… The edge and how you can click shit when you need to close out an app or box.

  5. And i hate when people tell is imposible to touch the fucking finger print like this gay shit in the video i got fucking small hand and i got s8+ and i can touch the fucking finger printer with out any problem on the video you masive hand cant reach it you jk