5 things you might not like about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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If you’re like me and picky about every gadget not even the impressive Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be perfect, so in this clip we’re going to take a look a the 5 worst features of the Samsung 5.7 inch phablet.

I won’t spoil the surprise, so here’s the 5 things that to hate about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 video whick breaks the note taking device most of you love. I’m curious to hear from you what you think about these 5 features so make sure to leave your comment below.

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  1. Smartphones has got nothing to do with camera and any optical lense awesomeness. If you expected something cool in camera shooting and video quality you better get some extra cash for accesories such as SONY GX100 21xoptical zoom carl zeis and Canon DSLR camera with variants of optical lenses to choose from. Smartphones is smartphones and camera is camera since there ia no terms for 'smartcamera'.

  2. I've been using the note 3 for about two months now and I can honestly say I agree with you on the camera. Really clear when it wants to but very easy to miss a shot or get a blurry shot. It's like so prone to blurriness. And people, hold your dumb ass comments that Include "why don't you use stabilization", that just shows you don't know about phones

  3. I switched from the iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I would say that it's much much better than an iPhone. This guy is complaining about the Touchwiz because he has no other things to say. The touchwiz is much smoother on this device. Without touchwiz there is no note series. The stylus becomes useless without those touchwiz features.

  4. all of you complain so much and frankly you missed the point of the video. it's not so much to point out the phone's flaws, but to make you decide whether to buy it regardless of them. i think it's a good video and all those things in it just make me wanna get it more 🙂

  5. 1- size Im sorry bigger Phone are the thing right now try and find a smaller Phone with premium specs these days! Even apple had to bend to that fact!!!! Get over it!!
    2- build its plastic get over it! or do you want glass that can break or a bending aluminun apple iphone 6 plus. Get over it!
    3- touchwizz without touch wizz no s pen features so whats the point of getting rid of it you might aswell get an nexus or HTC M8. it is what it is get over it!
    4- camera this is the only one i will give you yess the camera is not the best but i hope they will do better with the note 4
    5- price what did you expect! you either wait untill the price go's down or get another Phone!