5 Tips for Galaxy S8 and S8+ You don’t know (probably)

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These are 5 features Samsung offers in the new S8 and S8+ that most people dont speak about that much on youtube.


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  1. can anyone get the iris scan he is talking about when unlocking the phone to work.
    I still get that ugly iris scan window up, and it takes hell of a long time to lock in.!

  2. Remember how we could add trusted places and the phone would stay unlocked if you were home, at work or whatever trusted places you added? Did I overlook it because I can't seem to find that on my s8 plus. Do you know if we have that feature on this phone?

  3. Can I ask what keyboard you are using? I keep getting the return button on the bottom right but yours is the search button instead..

  4. How do you change the way the time is displayed on the lock screen? Its showing 12:02 as 12 on the top and 02 underneath. I e tried to search how to do it and have tried a couple but it doesnt actually change anything ? this was totally helpful by the way!!

  5. The only problem I have with the s8+ is the talk when u texting the spelling words don't come out right on the keyboard screen u would have to text Straight on the keyboard to texted the 2nd problem haveis whenit texting someone I always have to Touch space bar to get the words out Correctly not on my s7 Edge Want u finish typing I very Really don't have to touch the spacebar to text if u know something I can do to fix that problemit would really help pls THANKS????????✌???