5 Tips to Speed up iPhone

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I share with you 5 tips to help improve the performance and speed of your iPhone.

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  1. To clear the ram in iphone, just do this 2 steps .
    1- press the power button , untill the power off screen comes.
    2- now press the home button untill ur home page will come,
    Now ur ram is clear

  2. Can i have a question if i go to youtube my internet to much fast,but if i go to facebook my ineternet to much slow i have iphone 6s what is the problem pls help me.

  3. Reduce motion and reduce transparency! First of all, the animation of opening and quiting apps are really cool and second, the transparency of the iPhone makes your iPhone look more beautiful!

    This is just ridiculous!

  4. I found that if you reset in the settings your app placement it will go like stink compared to before yes your icons will be lost from the right placement but it will drastically speed it up

  5. If you want to make your Cellular connection faster, disable LTE and go to 4G, this may seem like it will be slower, but more people use 3G or LTE as regular 4G was available before LTE for only a short time. More people use LTE than 4G making 4G faster