50+ Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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In this video we will cover over 50 tips, tricks and hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. We will first cover all the EDGE tips and tricks and then move on to all the other goodies.

10 Advanced Tips and Tricks for S7:

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  1. help! my edge panel looks nothing like the ones in the video. the edge screen setting does not give me the option for a "people edge, task edge, tool edge" and all the other ones that are shown the first 5 minutes of the video..what am. my edge panels are black and only options is notification and CNN news. Otherwise I have to purchase them from downloads..I am using touch wiz launcher is this the same launcher in the video? if not can someone help me out with the correct launcher or point me in the right direction..thanks

  2. I want 2 app panels and it only allows for 1 of each its just another way touch wiz limits the user experience very thing ells about the phone is awesome

  3. Better than any other educational video out there. Thank's so much for taking the time to do this. I've saved it for future reference as I'm getting the s7 edge in the next couple of days…

  4. This is my second S7 due to my first one going "all green screen of death" and since I had just purchased it, AT&T immediately replaced it with a brand new one.  One thing I wanted to comment on is the "always on display".  Now keep in mind that I am by no means any kind of expert on Samsung phones or phones by any other manufacturer. This is just from my personal experience.  The battery may not "drain" from using the always on display but the screen will get hot.  Once this happens, green lines will appear on the screen followed by the entire screen turning green.  On advice from another S7 user, I placed my phone into the freezer for 20 minutes.  At which time I was able to get back into my phone only to start deleting photos, texts, etc… Anything that I didn't want on the phone when I returned it.  Now I did have to place it into the freezer 5 to 7 times in order to retrieve all of my stuff due to the overheating of the screen.  My new S7 has never turned green but I also have never turned on the always on display feature either.

  5. Awesome video!! I learned so much about my S7Edge? One question..Do you by any chance know how to disable the S Healt app on my Gear S2 ?
    I have disabled all the app notifications in the Gear app on my 7Edge but I still receive al lot of notifications on my Gear. For example,…when I am a day of from work and chilling out on my couch, it repeatataly tells me I should get up and start moving. Really annoying ?

  6. i'm sorry that i got the Galaxy S7 the Speaker is Crap ! the SPEAKERS On The HTC M8 and M 10 are AWESOME i went back to using my HTC M8 My Brother has the HTC M10

  7. The color on the people edge doesn't work anymore, right? A reply would be highly appreciated. Great video by the way, it helped me to upgrade my life??

  8. just want y'all to know that Samsung will tell you that you don't have a warranty on your phone when you do lied from June until September they lied to me and then the guy started laughing at me then I told him that wasn't funny I have lost all my pictures all my text I lost everything I had in my phone because the phone was acting up and he thought it was funny,but anyway make sure you have your Serial# and the ime # ok the samsung galaxy s7 edge