50+ Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7″

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In this video, I will share over 50 tips, tricks and features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 inches. This is a feature rich tablet so let’s see everything we can do.

Tab S2 in Gold:

Tab S2 in Black:

Tab S2 in White:

Stand used in this video:

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  1. Hello everyone, this comment is a question that is open to any and everyone(video poster, viewers, commenter etc) that can shed some light on the issue and/or knows or has the experience of dealing with this very issue(each device/ testing etc).

    Ok this has to do with "MHL" and the Galaxy Tab S2 devices. Some of you may be very aware of the issue for others that don't this is the issue. MHL is what is used on devices without a mini hdmi output to transfer the video/audio/devices screen onto your tv via the micro usb port using an MHL adapter, HDMI cable and your devices micro usb charger cable to power the MHL adapter.

    the problem is that there's a lot of mixed information about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (both 8.0 & 9.7) having MHL support(even from Samsung themselves). There are people who say that their device has MHL Support and others that say theirs doesn't.

    Now there's a number of reasons why this is happening and as of right now it seems nobody has put together anything to help get to the truth/facts. So right now it's all theory and logic.

    Reasons so far are:
    1) Only certain MHL adapters work(brands and/or version ie 2.0 or 3.0 etc)
    2) Only certain TV's will work

    I think the following reasons are heading more so in the correct direction based on the fact that I've seen a lot of people that say their device does support MHL seem to mostly be owners of the original versions released in 2015. Since then the company has made some revisions to the devices (both 8.0 and the 9.7). these changes/upgrades included:

    3) Hardware Upgrade
    4) Software(OS Upgrade)

    when changes to either of these to take place is very easy for certain capabilites to be gained or lost in the process.

    example the 8.0 version are:
    SM-T710, SM-T713(gsm/phone) & SM-T715

    the T710 is the original 2015 model.

    The T710 & T715 (Both running with)
    Exynos 5 Octa 5433 (SoC)
    Android (Lollipop)OS

    The T713 (2016 upgraded version runs)
    Snapdragon 652 MSM8976 (SoC)
    Android (Marshmellow) OS

    Has anyone tested/worked with all version ?.
    if you have a version of the Galaxy Tap S2 and tested MHL capabilites/support, can you say which version/model and what MHL adapter you used?.

    I want to get to the facts of this to determine which version actually does support MHL.

    My theory is the T710 (original version and possibly the T715 both run Exynos & Lollipop) are the MHL compatible versions.

    Same for the 9.7
    Models are:

    T810 & T815 = 2015 w/ Exynos & Lollipop

    T819 & T813 = 2016 w/Dragonsnap & Marshmellow

    leave you experience, insight etc Below this comment/in response to this comment.

    apologies, not trying to hijack the video or direction.

  2. Sir, I really Enjoy the 29 minutes of your Video and the Excellent way of Explaining to use the Tablet and all its feature. Just I want Request you How can Reduce those Icons on the Tablet Screen. in my Tablet those Icons are very big size. will you please!!

  3. Just got this tablet on sale for $399 with 64GB. So far I'm loving it. The one thing I want to mention about this video, which by the way it's very helpful, is that the recent ones, like mine, comes with Marshmallow instead of Lollipop. So the display looks different when you touch for example the active apps in the bottom. Looks more like my smartphone in many aspects. I haven't watched the video to the end, but so far the tips that impress me the most is the camera ones.

  4. Hi,

    I have same tablet S2 245.8 mm (9.7) 32GB bought this on: 09 / 2016 but for some reason there is no exactly same options. Like example on camera settings video size : FHD 1920X1080
    HD 1280X720
    VGA 640X480
    No option QHD 2560X1440
    Smart capture not working at all. The is no touch key light duration. No unlock effect by going to settings that shows on your video.

    Please advise

    Thank you 😉

  5. this is embarrassing but thank you ive been using my tab s2 for almost 1year until i watched ur video i always think about the easy way to the menu without pressing the home button now i know!thank u ur really helping me?

  6. Do you have a explanation why i havn't got the option of QHD on my camera settings on my (dutch) S2 (813) bought in feb 2017 ???
    Compliments for your video, i've learned a lot !

  7. Sakitech, bro I learned soooooo much from you on this tutorial. I have a galaxy view 18.4 tablet. I'd say 90% of what you showed was applicable. Please keep up the GREAT work. thanks

  8. Thanks for posting.

    I have the 713 marshmallow model, just purchased two weeks ago. The one feature you show is the unlock effect, but it seems to not be on my version.

    Am I just doing something wrong?

    Thanks again.

  9. sakitech, just bought the s2 with regular case and keyboard case. Getting it may 11, 2017. can't wait to apply all 50 of your tips and tricks. thanks once again bro.