50+ Tips and Tricks for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

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In this video, saki from sakitech will share over 50 tips and tricks for the iphone 6s and iphone 6s plus, whichever you own.

We will cover 3D Touch, Quick Actions, and various iOS 9 tips and tricks.

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  1. When "3D touch" is it's main (only) new feature for apple I guess it isn't too surprising the first 11.5 minutes are spent talking about it. 27% of this video is talking about 3D touch….. yawn. In the first 11.5 minutes on his Galaxy S7 Edge tips and tricks video I think he went through like 5-10 way more awesome features on that platform. Was thinking about giving the iPhone a shot, but I think I'll stick with Samsung. WAY more interesting and customizable phone. Never had a problem with Android either. I also don't think the UI is complicated like iPhone users tend to cry about. Then again, after watching this snooze fest of a video going over the iPhone's features I guess I can see why iPhone fanboys would say Samsung and Android is "complicated." Samsung Galaxy S series is an actual piece of tech. Seems like iPhone is a glorified, overpriced phone with internet capabilities. Can't do anything remotely cool on an iPhone. Might as well buy an iPod if they still make those. iPhones to me are still glorified iPods that has the ability to make a call. After 9 years it hasn't gotten any cooler and definitely not anymore cutting edge than what the original iPhone was. I watched this guy's Galaxy and iPhone tips and tricks videos (why he calls it that I don't know, he's just going over the features….. nothing tricky about it). They're extremely well done IMO. The Galaxy seems to be insanely more advanced than the iPhone seemingly years ahead. I find it hilarious that iPhone is in constant catch-up mode too. Took them 8 years to finally provide a bigger screen for adult sized hands. Fanboys acted like it was cutting edge…… Samsung's been doing it essentially since day 1 with their smartphones. Now with the iPhone 7 it is rumored to be water resistant. Samsung's been doing water resistant versions of their Galaxy line for a while and just now made it a standard feature across the board. Hell, my Galaxy S5 I'm about to upgrade is water resistant. It's a 2 year old phone….. and apple is just NOW – POSSIBLY – making their's water resistant. Talk about being (un)fashionably late to the tech world party. Despite all these great features on the Galaxy line for years now, iPhone is still stuck in the past….. yet they charge cutting edge prices for their phones. Dumb. I went to the ATT store in town about 3 days ago with the intention of switching to the iPhone 6s+ and had them order one for me. It gets here in 2 more days. I think I am not even going to open it and go back to the store and get the Galaxy S7 Edge like I knew I should've done in the first place. I love my iMac computer and some other apple products as well. It's just that when it comes to phones it seems Apple is forever stuck 3-4 years in the past compared to the Galaxy line. 3D touch is cool…. I guess, but for them to have THAT be their main and really only new feature is pretty pathetic. Price, battery, display (by FAR), even the camera now, IMO the UI, customization, and just overall more things you can do with the Galaxy line blows iPhone out of the water. It's so hard for me to understand why the iPhone is still the more popular smart phone. Calling it a "Smart" phone is almost an insult to the industry. IMO it is the least smart, smart phone. I'm willing to bet the new iPhone 7 isn't even water resistant like all the hype around it is hoping it will be. I have see dummy phones on youtube of the new 7 that is supposed to come out tomorrow. It looks like they took a step BACKWARDS with their camera design by making the lens protrude so damn far off the back of the phone. While Samsung is lowering the profile of their camera, iPhone is making their's stick out further making the phone rock when on a flat surface. Stupid. From what I've seen of the proposed iPhone 7; the S7 and the S7 Edge will still crush it. Damn….. why did I order the POS iPhone instead of going with my gut and take the S7 Edge. I'd be busy playing with it right now instead of typing this rant of a novel…..

  2. Would u know , why in my iPhone 6s Plus , one app shows , API not connected IF I turn off the screen for few minutes and then I want to open the app , it shows ur phone did not connect with internet last 10 minutes, Even I have 4g internet. Is it phone fault or app fault ? I did back app refreshed on in settings but nothing work πŸ™ I have warranty with my phone . Please give some advice. Thanks in advance:)

  3. Great video! Love how you revealed more than 50 features on the 6s and went into detail for each one. I've watched other videos and most of them talk about only the basic features, none of the hidden ones. Nice job ?

  4. It is very difficult to keep up wit u .U speak too fast . You do not give time for one to find the icons. One cannot remember all your instructions to complete a task.