50+ Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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In this video, sakitech will share over 50+ tips, tricks and tutorials for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This smartphone is full of deep and rich features and it is necessary to master every aspect to get a absolute fulfillment. So let’s dive in and master all the tips, tricks and features of the Note 7.

10 Hidden Tips and Tricks for Note 7:

In-Depth look at the Edge Screen:

Note 7 vs S7 Edge:

Note 7 vs Note 5:

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  1. The best Tips and Trick for Galaxy Note 7 on "Google Play" are "BK Package Disabler Samsung" help you remove any Bloatware (more than 120 pre-installed packages and services) and "Play Cardboard apps on Gear VR" help you can run Cardboard apps and games, both of them work well on my Galaxy Note 7 NO NEED ROOT

  2. #Sakitech; If you copy the secure folder and its secured contents into your thump drive as a back up in case you lost your phone; would you be able to access its contents in a different computer such as laptop or desktop?

  3. Very informative video! As a person who is not new to Samsung but new to the Note series, there are so many things that I was able to pick up! Loved the video, thanks!

  4. It would have been nice to show how to do a split screen with this phone for those of us that never had one and a working demonstration of how the phone alerts you when the S pen is left behind, otherwise a pretty good video.

  5. I have a question? what you account on twitter? also when i create a Gif picture &send it as mms… the receipant ,receive it as a regular picture why ??even on twitter it pops like a regular one ??

  6. I am holding onto my Note 7. I received mine after the first recall came out. In fact, the Verizon store had to order it as the second batch of phones weren't in stock when my contract was up which was around 9/28. I have had no problems with the phone what so ever. I have a feeling that they problem phones are small in numbers as compared to the phone that were sold as a whole. I use the appropriate chargers specific for the phone. I also use the charger for my S4 with the adapter for charging at my desk. I let the battery run out totally before I charge it. I don't use any aftermarket chargers or car chargers. I use commonsense when charging it. On a side note, your videos are so helpful with knowing the full capabilities of the phone. The auto restart is a feature that was disabled by Verzion. They are my carrier and I couldn't find the auto restart. Searching some forums, I found Verizon disabled it. Thanks for taking the time to post the videos on the Note 7. We'll see what happens if a Note 8 comes out. I have no idea how they will top the Note 7 (let alone recover the Note brand). Nevertheless, I'm keeping mine.