#64MPQuadCamBeast Xiaomi Product Launch | Live Stream starts at 12 NOON!

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Join us for the launch show of one of the most anticipated phones from the Redmi Note family. Be the first to know about the #64MPQuadCamBeast. Just click on ‘Set Reminder’ and get notified for the launch.


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  1. Redmi is the best because it's beat all competitor and most of the thing is it's improve specs and quality year by year in the same price ???

  2. Sir the phone has really good camera hardware but when you take a picture the object in the picture doesn't get good exposure as realme xt hope it will be improve with updates?

  3. the heating issue, an oversize display, video stabilization is so much worse than m30s, the selfie camera is not up to expectation not everyone is looking for a gaming phone…some of us want a good quality camera, a better processor for multimedia including photoshop or other editing apps at a budget price. the oversize display doesn't help you much….carrying out this note 8 pro feels so awkward ….no hate but after buying this phone I feel like I should have waited for realme XT 730G ig, note 8 was a better product than note 8pro

  4. MI Community I Have a Suggestion for Redme Note Series which phones got full screen mode please For them Please Make The whole Screen comes alive Notification