7 Tips to Make Your Android Phone Fast Again

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Everyone knows that after you get a new phone, it will probably get slower over time. This is from a number of reasons, such as having too many apps installed, less storage being available, and more. This video discusses some of the best ways to make sure that your phone stays as fast as possible, and should make your Android phone like new.




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  1. I Love your videos very much!! You are an android Master!! 🙂 I have "Disabled" some of the Pre-installed Bloatware applications and that saved me a lot of Memory from my tablet. Actually around 593.73 MB of Memory! the apps I have disabled are: Microsoft Word (232.05MB), Hangouts (57.38 MB), Excell (136,5 MB), Skype (84.91 MB), Samsung Print Service Plugin (45.25 MB) and Google Play Music (37.64 MB)

  2. I have a problem with Facebook they deactivated my account I JUST created thìs account today THERE supposed to SEND me a CODE I request FOR BUT it won't come back because MY number is deactivated how can I communicate with the service UNLESS unless I received a a message

  3. 1. Turn the phone off
    2. Remove the sim card
    3. Remove the battery
    4. Get a hammer
    5. Smash the phone
    6. Throw away smashed pieces
    7. buy an iPhone
    Now you don't have to watch the video, you're welcome.

  4. oh wow thanks captain obvious, just what we need:
    another copy of the same fucking video people have been making since the first iphone came out…

  5. when your clearing for more space; for example on applications if i clear on my first app, which is Messenger,t, will i clear only the data entry i input? it wont clear the app itself?