8 Easy tips that will improve your pictures on the Samsung S8 & S8+

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8 Easy tips that will improve your pictures on the Samsung S8 & S8+

In this video I will share some easy tips for taking better pictures with the Samsung S8 & S8+. These are the tips I share with my friends and family. They are not intended to cover every feature but the key ones you need.

The camera tips will include selfies, filters, Bokeh effect, autofocus tracking, and more. Some of these features may seem hidden but are easy

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  1. Pretty sure that when you set the photo to 16:9, it only crops in the picture. It cuts out some of the photo vertically, and doesnt capture any more horizontally. 16:9 fitting the entire screen only gives the illusion that the photo is wider, but it really shouldn't be. As you've said, the resolution is less, and that's because it crops the top and bottom while retaining the same pixels horizontally 🙂

  2. the best way to take a selective focus photo (aka bokeh) on the s8/8+ switch the camera to pro mode, then tap on AF it will switch to MF (manual focus), keep the subject you want to be in focus centered and adjust the focus level down 🙂 until you see the background is blurry which is the bokeh effect. IMO though this better than having two lenses like Apple does.

  3. I cant believe samssung LOWERED the resolution down to 12 MP. The picture quality is BAD. I had an s6 an upgraded to an S8. Almost every picture I take on the S8 is grainy when zooming in just a little., and that's bad for me because I need great photos.

  4. i have problem with my S8 when taking selfie in low light without flash, my pictures came out extremely grainy. reason i don't use flash is because it has enough light for a great picture as i've done this with my old iPhone 6. but now with a new s8 picture is horrible. please help

  5. Thanks so much! I am nervous about taking some family beach photos with my s8 next week so this was helpful. Do you have a video where you go more in depth with the pro settings?

  6. Every time I take a selfie with the flash on I get this bright yellow screen with a white flash sign in the middle. How do I turn it off I have an S8 Note