8 iPhone things which android users cannot do | ios vs android

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In this video I will show you 8 things that your iPhone can do but your android phone cannot. These are 8 features available on iPhones which are still not available on android phones. These 8 features make iPhone and iOS so much better than android.

1. AirDrop
2. Copy paste
3. iMessage
4. FaceTime
5. Siri Shortcuts
6. Backup & restore
7. Software update
8. WiFi sharing

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  1. There are lots of things that android users can do but iPhone users can't such as more customisation downloading apps from third party sites downloading movies and video clips from internet, file manager lots of free apps in Google play unlike iPhone Android is available in all price range SD card support dual SIM support, call recording and the most useful feature in android 11 which I like the most is one time permission for privacy

  2. I moved from Android to ios Nabeel Bhai. While the iPhone is v fast and secure compared to my one plus however android is a trifle easier to manage and understand.. Aap kya kehte hain

  3. Hi sir hello my name is Ankit
    Me apse ak question puch na
    Chatahu ki apjo cellbuddy se iPhone
    Mangavayatha o apko free me milatha
    Yaa apko price deni padi
    Thi kitni price thi sir

  4. Apple used to make very innovative and unique phones back in the days… But today is the reality Android are more innovative.. Most technology coming in android then iPhone..
    Such as
    1) fast charging. latest is 120w fast charging in android.
    2)higher refresh rate screen
    3) amoled high resolution display
    4)5G phone
    5)periscope zoom lens
    6) inbuilt gimbal camera stabilization.
    And many more.

  5. Bas copy paste ya badiya ecosystem ke liye IOS pr shift todhi honge aur yeh sab ho jata hai android pr bas msg ya mail hi toh krna padta hai itni kya dikkat hai