8 tips that will improve your iPhone photos

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Advance your photography in just a matter of minutes with these eight iPhone tips. My favorite is #7, where you find out how your headphones can help you take better photos!
-Marc Silber

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  1. #2 visualize means that you find your position in the space (you find your perspective) that reveals something. And then you time your moment (thinking in time, someone walks by, waves hits the rocks, sun goes down/up etc) and then you frame your shot by changing focal length.

    #6 Ever never zoom with your feet if it changes your perspective. Zooming with feet means you are moving away from the perspective you have visualized. That is the most common problem that people push camera too close or too far from the subject.The perspective needs to be got first before even camera is taken in hand. The image ratio is same thing as well as focal length, as both are about cropping the field of view from the chosen perspective. Sometimes 1:1 gives the effect and sometimes 16:9 or 4:3. Zooming with your feet to fill the frame just causes to lose the perspective. And if you had wrong perspective in the first place, no lens was causing that but incapability to visualize the space and time.

    That is the reason why phones don't work so well as cameras because you can't zoom (change focal length) to frame your shot as you visualized it from the perspective (unless you of course buy those cheap optical attachments) unless you just happen to have the focal length to fit the framing from your chosen perspective or you can get away with slight cropping.
    But sure, never use digital zooms. Just crop later and make smaller image.

  2. Tip #8 was my favorite. Also, I noticed that if you press and hold the shutter release, you shoot burst mode. Very convenient for capturing the right frame in action or portraiture. Cheers!