90+ NEW iOS 11 Beta 5 Features & Changes!

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iOS 11 Beta 5 Is Out, Over 90 NEW Features & Changes! Interesting Update With Some Much Needed Refinements. Full Breakdown.

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Top 11 iOS 11 Features:


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  1. I dont like that they took away the ability to sign into twitter, facebook and other social media in setting. Cant use apps to track followers and other things :/

  2. ok these small changes that you mention, like the volume icon is bigger or the setting icon is darker. small shit like that nobody fucking cares just tell us the more important changes or things they add to IOS

  3. hi i love you’re covers for the ios 11 but i have a HUGE question , when i go to software update it shows the full bar of “downloding” but just sits there , help?

  4. Hey everything Apple pro great video please could I have all your non functional iPhones and broken phones coz my channel is like your and I love taking phones apart for my videos just I can't afford iPhones to take apart?! ???

  5. did you guys noticed this : when you turn the wifi or the bluetooth off on the control center, it just partially turn it off, the wifi and the bluetooth still on . can you please check it @ EverythingApplePro