A visual history of iOS

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The iPhone’s OS has changed a lot over the years. Here’s a history of iOS, from its smash-hit debut, through apps and Siri, all the way up to the next version coming this fall, iOS 8.


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  1. tbh
    I kinda miss the older iOS versions, like iOS 4
    I know they weren't as inventive or unique, but they were straight forward, fast, and simple to use; my first Apple product was an iPod Touch 2nd Gen, and on 4.2.1, its really nice, its easy to use, great for kids ((I was like 13 or 14 when I got this)), and the older games it can run can be fun if you like diner games
    I eventually got an iPhone 4, running 7.1.2, and I don't mine iOS 7; it's a bit more difficult to understand, the customization is weird, and it took me a bit to get, but I don't mind it
    currently I'm using an Android, but I plan to switch back to Apple with an iPod Touch 5th at the end of this year when I get the money
    I can enjoy both Apple and Android, they both have their ups and down, but they're both nice in their own ways
    so stop making death threats when others dislike the OS you prefer; I really like Windows XP, but that doesn't mean I should threaten someone when they say they love Windows 10 ((I really dislike Win10))