A12 Jailbreak iOS 12 – 12.1.2: NO Computer with Chimera!

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NO COMPUTER iOS 12 Jailbreak iOS 12.1.2 for A12 devices with Chimera! A12 Jailbreak iOS 12 without PC HERE: 👈 🎁

—— Top Cydia Tweaks video previewed is linked in #2 below ——

1. Jailbreak iOS 12 A7 – A11 w/out PC:

2. Top Essential Tweaks once Jailbroken:

The iOS 12 – 12.1.2 A12 Jailbreak is here! If you own an iPhone XS Max, XS, XR or iPad Pro 2018, you can now Jailbreak using Chimera for A12 devices. Follow this tutorial to do so successfully.

** YouTube: Jailbreaking is 100% legal under the DMCA. Discussing iOS Updates is LEGAL. **


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  1. I have iphone X with ios 12.0. When I install Chimera 1.0.7, it jailbreaks properly and tells me to open sileo. But the sileo app has not been installed. what to do?

  2. For those getting the "Failed to remount the filesystem" error, make sure you deleted any iOS 12.2 updates from your iPhone Storage in settings. And run this application on Airplane mode. Immediately fixed my problem. Credit to Thereviewtouch

  3. Sileo doesn't appear. Furthermore, chimera doesn't even get past step 1 on the jailbreak process. I'm using an iPad Air 2 on iOS 12.1.1

  4. thinking of updating my jailbreak, im still on ios9 and almost all the apps that i want to install arent compatible anymore

  5. It says my device is incompatible. I've tried it on my iPad 5th gen and my iPhone 7. Both on iOS 12.2. I've tried rebooting. Can someone help me please 🙁

  6. This jailbreak keeps messing up on me and I don’t like it. And since I can’t go back to uncover no more mite as well go back to stock ios 12.2 or iOS 12.3

  7. Hi! I have a problem when jailbreaking my iphone 7 (ios 12.1.2).

    My phone has been jailbroken, but the sileo doesn’t exist. In my Chimera, there’s an option to open sileo, but nothings happen because the sileo isn’t installed in my phone. And there’s no button to re-jailbreaking or jailbreak in my Chimera.

    Can you help me?

  8. Every time I wanna post a picture on Snapchat or make a new tweet and post a picture on Instagram story it freezes. Anybody know the fix?