Aaron Gordon: iPhone or Android?

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The Orlando Magic’s Aaron Gordon talks about his favorite phone, Clash of Clans, doing motion capture for NBA 2K17 and the one thing he wishes his phone could do.

360 behind the scenes with Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine:

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  1. My nephew was 2 when he started using Android and easily navigated it. Never get what people mean when they say it's easier to use.

  2. I'll buy an Android when I can count on them to be 100% reliable like my iPhones always have been. If I bought one, it'd have to be a Nexus… It's the stock experience or nothing for me. Manufacturers like Samsung should just stop trying to make Android something it's not, and use stock.

  3. The amount of children who use their phones all day in this comment section is too damn high. IPHONES WORK. ANDROIDS WORK. IF YOU ARE PASSIONATE ENOUGH TO CARE ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE PHONE CHOICES, YOU NEED TO GO OUTSIDE.

  4. Aaron is wrong about iPhones. The only reason you'll see little kids playing with iPhones more than Android phones is because people buy them for their kids more. That comparison is dependent on the reason people buy iPhone in the first place, not how iPhones are better. I'm saying he acted as if it was obvious but if you pay attention you'll know he's wrong.

  5. +CNET you can't ask that question because most Android phones verses iPhones are paralleled in performance. The biggest difference is just the software, but even so it still depends on personal preference. Even if you think you're making things fair by asking the question, 'what would you like your phone to do that would complete it?' That answer is different for everyone. You might as well assert that both phones can use improvements. Asking that question is pointless.