Accessory Geeks: Samsung Fascinate vs Motorola Droid X

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The Geeks here pit Verizon’s most sought after phones up to the test! We take a look at the Motorola Droid X and the Samsung Fascinate, 2 flagship phones on Verizon. Both are feature packed phones running Android 2.1. The Samsung Fascinate is equipped with Samsung’s Hummingbird 1ghz processor, while the Droid X runs a TI OMAP 3630 1ghz processor. Both phones offer expandable micro SD card storage up to 32 GB. Each phone features unique design elements. The Samsung Fascinate features a faux carbon fiber back on while the Motorola Droid X has a soft touch metal back with a battery door. Each phone also runs their respective manufacturer’s custom skin. Each skin does add few usability tweaks and some new widgets. In the end, it is a matter of personal preference for Verizon users who want a new 4+ inch touchscreen phone.

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  1. hey, what type of screen cover do you have on the droid X? atleast i think its a screen cover, its really nice, not glossy but more matte… but if u are using one, wht type? thanks!

  2. @WiLliSUPERflyZz I'm torn too, I'm leaning more towards the X since I usually use my phone to take pics and the Fascinate doesn't have the dedicated camera button and from what I've read the Navigate App was replaced by VZ Navigator which is an additional 9.99/month, when Google Navigation is Free on the X… But I still don't know.

  3. @BMZ8504 you can install google navigation. Out of the box comes with bing crap, but you can replace it with google. But like all samsung galaxy phones the gps will not work correctly until 2.2 comes out with a fix overall great phone, the camera takes great pictures with many different options.

  4. after having both the droid x and facinate. I can tell you facinate is better by far. samsung facinate's 5 magapixel camara takes way better video and photos then 8 megapixel droid x

  5. Droid X, Droid 2, HTC incredible are great phones and very solid when it comes to build quality. But i have to say Galaxy S line up is amazing. Yes Fascinate has bing as default but that can be fixed using root and when 2.3/3.0 comes out it will replace bing with google. Fascinate has the best screen out of the droid line up and the performance is amazing and super smooth. Everything runs flawless and far better experience than the Moto/HTC line up.

  6. @SuddenShudder016 I know right?!?! Well what are you looking for? The screen size is def better on the X obviously, but the screen is better on the fascinate. You can't really go wrong with either one. Why dont you try them both out and see which one you like better? It'll come down to which one feels better in your hand.

  7. Yes… Really! The screen protector that I purchased only covers the actual lit portion of the screen. I purchased it at an official Verizon Store here in San Diego. Are the ones you sell at your store for sale on the internet form you guys?

  8. In your opinion, if you were offered these two phones as your daily phone, which would you choose? How about for a long car ride? (heavy texter)

  9. @justinbc1023 Well I have what is called murders thumbs, also known as clubbed thumbs. My thumbs are VERY fat. I can't use any blackberry style phone. The Env 3 is about my limit on being small. Btw can either, or both use the music and applications I have from iTunes? If so that's the phone I'm getting, otherwise it's the Fascinate…