All Day Battery Life on iPhone

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Battery life on our mobile devices is super important for everyone so In this video I share my tips on how to achieve all day battery life on your iPhone and how to do it



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  1. Hello, I have trouble on how to turn off the camera sound in my iPhone 6+ tried already some tips but it’s not helping. I upgraded the system to iOS 12 that’s why it changed a bit, now I can’t get back to it anymore. My apologies first because I’m a first time iPhone user. Would appreciate for some effective advice. Thanks

  2. My xs max has all these settings like yours and location off as well and my battery life isn’t that great my battery health is 100% and I don’t end my apps because there is no need to I have background app refresh off Bluetooth off location services off hand off is off airdrop is off brightness is low too mail is set to manually and I’m on WiFi as well