Alternate S Pens and Replacement Tips for Samsung Note Devices

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Looking for more comfortable S Pen options to use with your Galaxy Note 8? This is the video for you! Today I review the Staedtler Noris Digital S Pen which brings a much more comfortable experience to the S Pen and I show you how to fix your Note 8 S Pen tip and show other options.

Replacement S Pen:

Tab S3 S Pen:

✏️ Staedtler Noris Digital Pencil:

These S Pens work with:
Note 3, 4, 5, 8
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3:
Samsung Chromebook Pro:
Chromebook Plus:
Notebook 9:

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  1. I have been using the Lifebook Wacom pen, I originally got one with my Fujitsu Lifebook touch screen laptop, but I just order the replacements for my phone. It totally works, it's the size of a traditional pen, it writes very smoothly on the screen, and the button is high enough so that you don't keep accidentally pushing it. I don't draw, but I do use it for handwriting recognition for text entry, I'm not that good with the keyboard. The only problem is, I have to make sure I keep up with it. They are too expensive to lose! However, I'm jealous of your tablet pen. That clip would really help keep track of it.

  2. I'm seeing that Staedler Pen in a ton of reviews and thinking about it. I can only imagine how nice it would be in meetings where I am actually taking a ton of notes. I wish they would put a button on it. It would be in my cart and ordered if it had that.

  3. Thanks for the review! Just bought the 1K Note 8 a week ago & already lost the S pen. Do you know which note 7 or any option that I can buy that will fit in my 8 & work as you mentioned? Just saw the price for a new one and hoping to avoid paying another $50 5 days later 🙁 Cant believe I lost in car and cannot find it!

  4. Bro
    is note 5 pen work with tab s3 ?
    And which s pen work with tab s3 ? Other than tab s3 stylus .
    I lost my tab s3 stylus ,looking for cheap and alternative . I found note 5 s pen in aliexpress.