Amazing Software features of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (MIUI 8) ! Tips and Trick!

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  1. hey dhananjay..very nice video..Can u help me by recommending any good tempered 2.5 screenguard and case for redmi note 4.?
    there are some available online but i dont know which one to buy..

  2. Hey Dhananjay…. You are damn correct…..I had a very bad day watching ur video…will never do that….shitty fellow….u keep up the same work and u will get what u r getting now or even worse….kindly for ur good in future…close ur channel…It's for Earth's sake and Heaven's sake……ROFL U think only u have Brain and u disabled my comment…and what did i just do I edited my same comment and gave u a new update #LOL #ROFL How lame u chimpanzee hahahahah ROFL Never Play wid me u……LOL

  3. Bro first trick that you shown that shake the phone and apps sets in sequence is not working on my redmi note 4 so please tell me how to fix this issue please reply if anyone knows how to fix this issue