Android 10 First Impressions: What's New?

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The stable release of Android 10 is here, and while it’s the same Android Q that we have been using in beta, there are some new features in two.

Well, this is our Android 10 first impressions video, where we talk about new Android 10 features and what we think of them.

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  1. Whatsapp floating service not use on oppo reno 2z create a video about this . most important thing how much floating service and which application try your best

  2. Its better to use miui because it has the system wise dark mode which includes the dark mode in google apps also in play store and yes the changes and features are all the Same miui has all the feature….

  3. @beebom, idk whether this is a paid review which you are doing for Android 10. As mentioned by you, the update works well in the phones specifically the dark mode which is also a highlight.
    As far as my phone is concerned, i found it quite the opposite. The dark mode is pretty inconsistent. And it has shades of black and grey which is not appealing to eyes. I was in an impression that the YouTubers actually do a proper critical review. However, you proved it wrong.