Android 11 Beta 3: Top new features!

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All of the new additions to the final Android 11 Beta before release in early September!

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  1. On Android 11, is there a setting in the battery settings menu to limit the charge percentage in which it will stop charging? This will greatly increase battery longevity if you if you can limit to 70% charge most of the time

  2. Oh my god dude no fucking way! You got to be kidding me!! The cats Easter egg on Android nougat was my absolute favorite OS Easter egg. I've always said I wish I could have it back. I caught over 200 cats on that phone!

  3. This is exactly why updates on Android aren't nearly as important as they are on iOS. So much of Android is updated through the Google Play Store and Google Services whereas on iOS you need a fully OS update just to fix things and add features. Android at its core is basically fully matured and at its peak. If you want a ton of features then look at software skins from Samsung, OnePlus, etc.

  4. Had to roll back due to device stability and my phone was very glitchy when doing shortcuts like launching the camera and home button not aligning with certain apps

  5. Pixel 3 XL running Android 11 beta 3: absolutely love the chat head feature of Android messages. However, can use them because my Gboard won't pop up. It force crashes every single time. Google messages chat head bubbles seem much more reliable and consistent. I've sent up multiple bug report logs to Google. Very annoying and frustrating for a beta 3 which is supposed to be more finalized software platform.

  6. I'd like to know what happened to the scrolling screenshot feature and always on clock face options that were meant to be included in the 11 update?

  7. In the 1st developer preview release ( as far I remember) of Android 11 the music notification was lil bit different..It was in the quick settings, swipe down to see the full notification otherwise it was in the notification tray. I was expecting that one in the final beta… It was different and cool… But Google went for the native one…🙄