Android 11 vs iOS 13!

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Google’s Android R 11 is now OFFICIAL, let’s compare the Android 11 vs iOS 13 – Features and User Interface Changes and Improvements.

Android 11 comes with New Dark Mode Settings, Screen Recorder, Screenshot Option, Conversation Mode, and also new Privacy Permission settings.

You can Download and Install Android 11 R if you have Pixel Device.

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  1. I was waiting for this video and the final video arrived🔥, Quick screen recording button in notification panel really good I am using oneplus 7t and it's very helpful, pin option in share menu are my favourite, display Hz symbol are too big and not looks good,

  2. IDK why other manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi added much more useful features than stock android. For me stock android is a joke, this is why one plus put other features. Google itself failed to know what features they want to put on next android. Why? Lazy…

  3. Waiting for some more features to come up. Loved these features. But I'm worried they might kill some features when the stable version comes up