Android 7.1 is Better Than iOS 10

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TLDR: Android 7.1 is better than iOS 10
This TLDR segment was streamed live with Patrons before iOS 10.1 was public.
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  1. Chris. What do you think of the Microsoft products that have been coming out, the surface line? Do you believe this is something that is leading Microsoft to jump ahead of apple in terms of experience?

  2. I bought the moto g5 plus and it's overall more smoother than my iPhone 7 plus even tho the processor on the iPhone is multiple times more powerful with a way more powerful GPU also. tho the safari browser on iOS is godly buttery.

    yet shit like music app lags while scrolling lol

  3. I hate when people say Samsung or other Android device manufacturers that Android is "too fragmented" or "too complicated". That's bullshit because Android allows you to use LAUNCHERS and Launcher apps allow you to change the UI to a stock Android experience. i Know because i use mostly Samsung devices and use launchers and i dont even mess with TouchWiz. With the Launchers i have a stock Android experience always. So those excuses are simply bullshit.

  4. Oreo has only gotten even better.. Its odd i look at Oreo and it looks more refined then IOS 11.. yet i feel a betrayal to Steve Jobs.. Maybe I'm the only one hoping Apple will be great once again.

  5. Android has ALWAYS been iPhone killers, because iOS sucks, and apple continue to "manage" your use of their product as well as deny you the possibility to repair a product you PAID for and is supposed to OWN..

  6. apple has lost who apple is. i could rant for days just like you because i care soo much for apple. i totally understand what you say. you are PERFECT! you are dead on