Android 8.0 Oreo On Google Pixel XL

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A walkthrough of some of the most interesting features available in Android 8.0. Some of the features include notification dots, picture-in-picture (PiP) mode, autofill API, and more. Which feature of Android Oreo is your favorite?

Android 8.0 Oreo:

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  1. It's REALLY dumb that the notification dots go away if you clear notifications menu. Maybe I don't want my menu cluttered, but the dots would be really nice. Even if you put the notification on snooze (which is also an awesome feature) the dot goes away. Waste of a good idea.
    Autofill doesn't work in apps.

  2. Is it fair?
    I have had an experience of a lifetime after buying a Google Nexus 6P. I had bought this so called expensive phone last year March by spending 35k instead of totally worth IPhone as I comfortable with an Android Phone. The mistake committed was that, that I thought this phone being a Google phone such a big brand name would do justice do the amount spent on it. However, to my bad luck it turned out to be the worst nightmare for me when somewhere around June this year a faulty software update of Android 7.1.2 got updated on the phone and the phone got in the boot loop mode. Inspite of it being a "GOOGLE" phone the company didn't make any effort to stop this update.
    As I was not left with any option I went to service center where to my shock I was told to spend 17k and get the mother board replaced, whereas the value of the new phone is 12k only. When contacted the Google service center I got a lukewarm response where they said it was #Huawei problem who was responsible for building the hardware. Can someone explain how is a hardware partner responsible for a faulty software update? After continuous follow ups with Google they finally said that either you spend 17k and change the mother board or buy a new phone but they won't help us in anyway.
    What is my fault in this entire issue that I have to spend another 17k to get the phone repaired. Highly frustrating and irresponsible response from #Google . Why should I not buy a Redmi phone instead? Why spend through my nose for such an expensive phone which didn't last for a year?
    I want a replacement for the phone or repair it free of cost.
    #Google #Huawei

  3. I don't understand why Google picked the name oreo for 8.0 if the update won't have a dark theme instead of the usual white theme we've seen. We have had white theme as long ago as 5.0 kit Kat. We have all asked for the dark theme to help with battery consumption besinse they brought the white theme out. My first thought when they announced 8.0 as Orea was that we would have dark backgrounds instead of the white backgrounds we've had for so long. I was hoping for dark backgrounds with white fillers for letters, numbers, notification bar, and all. Usually an oreo is black with white cream on the inside? Should have picked a different name for 8.0 oreo if it was going to have dark backgrounds. I have the Galaxy S8 and I know we have a theme store and can change the background color by selecting a dark theme and then going threw and changing the icons back to default and wallpapers back to the default but it would have atleast been nice to see the option for dark or light theme under settings so we could all have an option to switch between the to background themes. Yes Google has done alot of improvement with battery performance but if we had the option to switch to dark backgrounds for our phone that could help alot more with battery consumption. Google should have just named 8.0 oreo vanilla considering that we are still using white backgrounds on 8.0. Hopefully Google will introduce a 8.0.2 or a 8.1.1 software update to bring the option in to change between dark or light themes. The problem with changing themes and then going back to default icons and wallpapers is you can't find a theme that looks default samsung experience 8.1 or other wise it would not matter. Even when you change the theme to a dark theme and add default icons/wallpapers back when you open up an app like phone, messaging settings the theme has its own customization, not the same as just having an option to switch to dark theme stock S Experince 8.1

  4. Also 8.0 oreo doesn't really have anything that wasn't already on 7.0 nougat on the Galaxy S8. All of these features are already on the Galaxy S8

  5. Anyone else getting a glitch with the picture in picture mode for Youtube Red? When I hit the home button YT will go into pic in pic mode. Then if the screen turns off or I hit the side power button to turn off the display (as I like to listen to the audio while driving) when I turn the display back on my Pixel XL restarts. Who can I report this to?

  6. Find my device isn't new bro it's been around for a while now, also you have been able to double tap and reply to messages from the ambient screen since day otherwise great video ?