Android 9 Pie Impressions ! on Nokia 7 Plus

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Android 9 Pie is the new OS from Google launched this Year, offering tons of features. Nokia 7 Plus is among the few devices running on Android 9 Pie. Get to Know all the features-


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  1. The biggest mistake ever I've done that i updated to Pie from Oreo . It should be named as Android Bug not Pie . My battery almost dead and my device is like a oven it heating up like an oven . Even i turn on adaptive battery but it draining even it is on standby and i just open WiFi so the device becomes oven so think what happened when I play a game.

  2. Its the worst OS update EVER!!! Ever since I updated to android 9 an I charge my phone the battery overheats while charging an even switches off because of the overheating. the battery also seems to be draining quicker because of the overheating of the battery. Is anyone else having this problem?

  3. Please i am still on Oreo 8.1 Agust security patch model TA-1046, I have not receive any after Agust till date anythere anything I have done wrong, please advise on away forward thanks

  4. Bro 2 problem I am facing one is headphone jack not supporting properly. Earphone automatic disconnecting and second any of call recording app not working