Android 9 Pie Pixel 2 XL vs Pixel XL Speed Test!

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Android 9 Pie Pixel 2 XL vs Pixel XL Speed Test! Official version of 9.0.


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  1. I upgraded to 9.0 on two different Pixel phones. It's basically bricked both of them bc I can't use my phones really as anything other than to text and browse the web and stuff. Recording a video or trying to make a call will cause the phone to freeze and crash then reset itself.

  2. Processor
    Pixel XL has 821 snapdragon
    Pixel 2 XL has 835 something

    Pixel XL has 4GB RAM
    Nd out of the box 3GB RAM
    After update 8.0.1 it reduces from 3GB to 2.3GB

    Nd pixel XL has 4GB RAM
    Out of the box free ram 3.2
    Nd running with 8.0.1

    After installing 9.0 it reduces from 3.2 to 2.5.

    Thn why you're doing speed test after knowing everything, for views ?


  3. I s it just me but does the pixel XL screen look better than the pixel 2 xl , the whites seem way more whiter on the original pixel xl and colours just seem to pop way better !