Android Auto vs Apple Carplay (updated)

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Toyota finally adds Android Auto to their vehicles!
In this video I show my experience setting up both Android Auto and Apple Carplay in a new 2020 Toyota.

Special Thanks to Michael Holmes at Sparks Toyota in Myrtle Beach SC


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  1. Is this video a joke? Literally nothing they attempted to do with Car play worked but it's still better because…. it looks just like the phone UI? And at least Google is making you aware of exactly what information it's collecting whereas Apple does not so isn't that better? Or are we just playing the ignorance is bliss card now?

  2. This is a really bad video, so much wasted time trying to figure out how to use things, talking about tech that you have no clue about. And just being really biased with your preference of Carplay

  3. It's the data collection that helped find Micheal Homes with Android Auto. You have to let Google get to know you via "data collection access" so it can taylor to your needs. If you're not doing illegal shit, you should not have to worry about giving up your data. If you are, create a separate account along with a saving account for your bail money. Apple car play is behind Android auto in functionality and focuses on aesthethic for a cover up.

  4. i find carplay to look very clunky with the oversized icons. the new android auto is clean and simple and less distracting. and google assistant just takes the lead in AI. if you like looks over functionality good for you but i prefer the latter!

  5. Android is up front about what your giving up. Apple is probably just taking the same information from you without asking under some "implied consent" clause, in some hidden fine print. In exchange for up front ease of use.

  6. You know you can say on Android auto hey Google without touching the mic icon I had no problems with this system