Android Box Vs Apple TV, Why Would Someone Buy One Over The Other?

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There are many differences between Android TV Box and Apple TV, but which one is right for you? If you have a lot of Apple products then you may think the Apple TV is the best fit, but not in all cases. The Android Box choices (Roku, Fire Stick, SkyStream and Nvidia) are large and you can do tons of things without jailbreaking anything. Watch my high level video that covers the pros and cons of Android Box vs Apple TV, including Kodi.

If you just want to stream Netflix and audio apps then Roku is for you, check it out:

Looking for the same features of the Roku but want it to tie into your Amazon account, then the Fire Stick is for you.

If you want to have video and audio streaming plus out of the box apps that stream any movie, then you need to buy this unit from the SkyStream website. You get warranty and 5+ star support.
Discount Code: CUTCABLE10

Starts at 174.99 for the SkyStream two

Last, the Invidia Shield, you have to set up your own apps. Not only do you get great hardware, you get a gaming controller too. Skystream is a great out of the box solution, but this streaming device is the ultimate!

With the Invida and the SkyStream boxes I used this keyboard remote and very happy with it:


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