Android development V/s iOS development – Which one to choose?

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In this video, I have compared Android development with iOS development. I have used lots of comparison points like IDE, payments, user base, hardware requirements and others.



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  1. for mac development Mac Pro is must or we can go with Mac Air also as someone suggested Air is not good for development..pls suggest

  2. I want to get a professional Bootcamp from you for IOS, how much that will cost me? it's very important i been paying online courses for 2 years and I still don't understand Swift….SAD

  3. Hey, Can u please help me my problem is, I have learned java, I have spend much time in learning java from video lectures, but the problem is that when some real world problem is give to me, I cannot analyze the problem, I very week in analyzing the problem statement, some time I have to spend 3-4 day to solve that problem and still I cannot arrive a perfect solution.And when I match my solution with the exact solution.I could make only 10% – 20% solution perfect.And I get demoralized and irritated. So please suggest me some ways how should I over come this problem?. What should I do before writing actual code.Please help me..

  4. Sir, Udacity giving free courses on Android Beginners to professional level with firebase , Ux Ui as well , and i would have said that if Google was not taking too much amount for putting our app on play store is it not good? Yes, it ia good, think of a student like me who can't afford $100 per year, Google was just giving flexibility to Developers, even if simple apps are required too much time and knowledge and by uploading on playstore if that person is motivated or attracting to Tech. is it not a good thing, Where apple had their limitations do that, do this, purchase this blah blah…Yes, Google wants more and more developers or bigger community for android by Giving free course such as Udacity, is it not good? Now more people can learn or get familiar with Technology. I'm big fan of google but not hater of apple

  5. Please make one offline bootcamp
    I'm Assam or Meghalaya
    Please please we people need this very badly
    Nd how to know where r when are you opening the bootcamps