Android fireside chat (Google I/O ’18)

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This is your chance to chat directly with the Android team and get your questions answered. Engineers and leaders from across Android teams will be onstage, eager to hear your innermost quandaries.

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  1. The implementation of the gestures and navigation bar feels one foot in one foot out. I don't like that there are two ways to open the multitasking, also the swipe up for app drawer is a finicky gesture, sometimes it just opens the multitasking carousel.

    I would suggest going all out on the pill like so:
    Swipe LEFT on the pill for back
    Swipe RIGHT on the pill for multitasking
    Scrub RIGHT for quick app switching
    Swipe UP on the pill for app drawer
    Tap pill to go home

    1) This eliminates the confusion of two methods to enter multitasking
    2) The swipe right for multitasking will open the carousel (not switch to last app), retain the new scrubbing feature to give the functionality of switching between recent apps.
    3) Remove the suggested apps and search from carousel as they are already accessible from swipe up for app drawer with slices too. Will clean up the carousel.
    3) The swipe up for app drawer from anywhere will give quicker access to the new app slices as it is currently two swipes away. This retains the app predictions in the drawer too. 
    4) Saves space by having a gesture pill overlay instead of the still present nav bar.

    …. And please at least give us the option to move the clock back to the right, the amount of times I glance up thinking the white text is a notification bugs me.

  2. These question are terrible. What REST library should we use? He answers the question in his question what he says, "I know it depends on the project".

    The guy asking about Google's position on Android tablets. These guys don't make product decisions, that's higher up the chain. They build the products.

  3. SCREW BALANCE with the clock.. I want quick discoverablity..
    If the left hand (start side) is completely empty.. PERFECT.. Now you look.. there is some things there.. What is it? The clock.. And?? And nothing else.. ok.. It's empty.. Screw that..

  4. Some of these guys seemed more interested in making dumb jokes than directly answering questions. Still didn't answer whether Android tablets would get the new guesture support. Didn't clarify why they suggest retrofit and when they would suggest a different libraries, where to find their suggestions and further info. This was largely disappointing.